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Gallery: F1CR air-to-air (June 2009)

On June 12, 2009, the Armee de l'Air offered me the opportunity to experience a inflight refueling flight in a C-160R of Escadron de Transport 2/64 'Anjou' out of Evreux Air Base. The plan was to refuel two Mirage F1CRs and two Mirage 2000Ds. Unfortunately, the big cargo ramp would not open allowing us to make pictures from the open side doors only. As the F1CRs were leaving we were asked to remain seated awaiting the arrival of the two Mirage 2000Ds. Due to a crew communication error we remained seated until after the refueling of the 2000Ds was completed. Only a side shot of the two departing aircraft with lots of backlight was the result, unfortunately.



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