Gert Kromhout
Military aviation writer and photographer

Aviation photography

Gallery: Souda, Operation Unified Protector

Two days on Souda during Operation Unified Protector. This was really a busy air base. The French Air Force had a large detachment with Mirage 2000-5Fs, 2000Ns and 2000Ds. The Qatari Air Force had its five plane Mirage 2000-9 detachment close to the French flightline and two AW139 rescue helicopter at the other side. The Royal Norwegian Air Force had its F-16s at the eastern side of the base. The Americans had a couple of AWACS, RC-135s and an E-8C on the north side. Of course the Hellenic Air Force produced a lot of activity with its F-16s. Apart from all this hardware a lot of visitors were seen.



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